Why you need to attend the Electronic Document Conference (EDC)

// February 7, 2019

The PDF Association, the meeting place of the PDF industry, decided to create the Electronic Document Conference for a simple reason:

Even in a world that runs on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, PDF remains ever-present.

It's not simply that PDF

It's not simply that PDF is an established worldwide de facto standard for electronic communications (Wikipedia uses PDF, along with HTML, as an examples of a de facto standard!)

It's not simply that, excepting images and ASCII text, PDF is just about the lowest common denominator for conveying electronic content.

It's not simply that PDF meets such a diverse range of requirements, and does it with an extremely high degree of interoperability, reliability and longevity.

It is all of these things at the same time.

PDF is everywhere. Although more non-PDF workflows are created and adopted everyday, although more ways to avoid old-school static presentation arise almost weekly... PDF's mind share continues to grow.

Google Trends graph.
2019-02 worldwide proportion of searches including "pdf" (Google Trends)

The EDC? What's in it for me?

Whether your products and technologies layout, create, display, capture, process, edit, augment, annotate, sign, stamp, print, use 3D content in PDF files - or even if PDF technology is not an immediate point-of-contact - PDF's footprint in the world of electronic documents cannot be ignored.

But it can be leveraged.

If you engage with electronic document technology, you owe it to yourself to at scan the topics and sessions. From AI to inmate labor, from accessibility to ZUGFeRD, we've brought together a diverse - even eclectic - set of speakers, all animated by the subject of electronic documents.


Our attendees are technical product managers, software developers, workflow designers, engineers, publishers and others with a professional interest in the business, practice and technology of electronic documents.

Why Seattle?

The companies and open source developers who create and maintain the tools, products and services that support electronic document infrastructure throughout the global economy are well-distributed, but Seattle has more than most!

For this year the Electronic Document Conference is partnered with CreativePro Week, happing June 10-14, also in Seattle! Registered EDC attendees can get a $100 discount on theirCreativePro Week registration!

Learn more about the EDC, and consider signing up now. Capacity is only 200, so don't delay!

Session proposals

Areas of interest include

  • 3D
  • Accessible content
  • Archiving
  • Collaboration
  • Documents in engineering
  • Machine learning and AI
  • The business of documents
  • The future of documents
Email EDC2019@pdfa.org with your session proposal today! Anyone - not just PDF Association members - can propose a session!

Session proposals should include:

  • Name and company
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Working title
  • 1-2 sentence outline

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