Simple, fast and automated PDF processing by using PDF Command Line Suite at Delen Private Bank

Nadine Schuppisser // February 7, 2014

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Delen Private Bank manages assets, primarily belonging to private individuals. Many years of experience result in a well-conceived, balanced investment strategy that is in tune to personal profile and financial objectives of their customers. Delen’s first priority is to maintain the value of assets and achieve asset growth, regardless of economic circumstances. As a dynamic prudent administrator, they strive to achieve the best possible return with limited risk.

Customer Requirements

Transaction reports, portfolio overviews, etc containing transactional data and more were sent by physical mail to Delen’s customers or posted electronically on the secured website. In some cases there is a need to add generic information to each document (for example tariff overview, fund summary, market overview). Physical inserts of extra hard copy documents containing this information were processed in a physical mailing machine. This additional information could not be added to the online version of the reports.

Delen’s goal was to get a full view of all documents in the electronic archive, whereupon the physical and the electronic version have to be completely equivalent. PDF Documents have to be merged in a fully automated way and the software has to be able to run on Delen’s backend server (unix). Further requirements are a small footprint, stability and good performance. As the PDF Command Line Suite met the requirements, Delen decided to use the PDF Tools AG product.


The installation of the PDF Command Line Suite was simple as the Software remains on one Server – a unix box. The tool is called from within a shell script to merge documents when retrieving them from the electronic archive. The software allows adding generic PDFs to any document when they are retrieved from the electronic archive. By this way a generic document only needs to be saved once, and not with each and every document that’s saved in the electronic archive.

Customers benefits

In the electronic archive Delen is able to see the extra documents which had been sent by physical mail without having to scan each printed document. By using the PDF Command Line Suite the electronic version of the printed document is exactly the same – inclusive added generic information.

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