PDF 2.0 Application Note 002: Associated Files

The PDF 2.0 Application Note 002: Associated Files is the second PDF 2.0 Application Note to be published by the PDF Association.

Associated Files (ISO 32000-2, 14.13) leverage the ubiquity of PDF to build on the commonplace concept of “attachments” in electronic communications. The Associated Files model is exceptionally open, and can address a wide variety of use cases. Using the Associated Files feature, PDF writers can provide additional information about files related to a PDF file in a standardized and therefore machine-readable and potentially machine-actionable way. The Associated Files mechanism also provides for connecting metadata about a related object with the related object itself.

The Associated Files mechanism was introduced in PDF/A-3 and became part of the PDF specification with PDF 2.0 published in 2017.




This document is freely available under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

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Published by the PDF Association October 26, 2018
PDF 2.0


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