ISO 24517 (PDF/E)

ISO 24517 defines a file format for the exchange of engineering documents based on the PDF format. It is a multi-part standard with subsequent parts expected to address future workflow and data requirements.

PDF/E improves document exchange, collaboration, and print accuracy within engineering workflows, both inside companies and with extended enterprises of partners, suppliers, customers, government organizations and citizens. It enables organizations to streamline engineering workflows that incorporate diverse sets of complex documents, resulting in improved productivity and the ability to more quickly deliver better products to market. It defines the features of PDF that are required, recommended, restricted, or prohibited when creating viewing, marking up, printing, analyzing, and distributing engineering documents.

PDF/E takes into consideration the differing needs of both interactive and non-interactive readers. It specifies the proper use of PDF for on-screen display and printing of engineering documents.

Published in 2008, PDF/E is based on PDF 1.6.


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Published by the ISO / TC 171 October 19, 2008


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