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PDF Association members may access drafts of current and upcoming ISO standards via the members-only intranet.


PDF 2.0 Application Note 002: Associated Files

PDF 2.0

The Associated Files feature allows PDF writers to provide additional information about files related to a PDF file in a standardized and therefore machine-readable manner.



ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7)

ISO standard

ISO 32000-1 is the first ISO specification for PDF. The document is an ISO formalization of Adobe’s own PDF Reference …

Technical Note 0009: XMP Extension Schemas in PDF/A-1

Technical notes

This TechNote explains how to construct an XMP extension schema for PDF/A-1. It complements TechNote 0008: Predefined XMP Properties in …

Technical Note 0008 – Predefined XMP Properties in PDF/A-1

Technical notes

This TechNote lists all XMP schemas and properties which are allowed in PDF/A-1. Most importantly, it covers the predefined XMP …

Technical Note TN0008 – Vordefinierte XMP-Metadaten-Felder in PDF/A-1 (in englischer Sprache)

Technical notes

Diese TechNote führt alle XMP-Schemas und Eigenschaften auf, die in PDF/A-1 erlaubt sind. Dabei werden insbesondere die vordefinierten XMP-Schemas für die Verwendung in PDF/A-1 abgedeckt. Es handelt sich hierbei nicht nur …

Technical Note 0003 – Metadata in PDF/A-1

Technical notes

PDF/A-1 imposes certain requirements and restrictions on document metadata in a compliant PDF/A-1 file where certain information is required to …

Technical Note 0001 – PDF/A-1 and Namespaces

Technical notes

A PDF/A-1 file must be identified as such by the presence of a certain entry in its XMP document metadata. …

Technical Note 0006 – Digital Signatures in PDF/A-1

Technical notes

Digital signatures are primarily used to check the integrity of the signed part of the document. They also can be …

Technical Note 0002 – Color in PDF/A-1

Technical notes

The PDF/A-1 requirements related to color handling may be confusing to users and developers who are not familiar with color …

Technical Note TN0006 – Digitale Signaturen in PDF/A-1 (in englischer Sprache)

Technical notes

Digitale Signaturen werden in erster Linie verwendet, um die Integrität signierter Dokumente zu überprüfen. Sie können auch verwendet werden, um die Identität des Unterzeichners  zu authentifizieren oder …

ISO 19005 (PDF/A)

ISO standard

The primary purpose of ISO 19005 is to define a file format based on PDF, known as PDF/A, which provides …

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