PSPDFKit released their app “PDF Viewer”

Iris Mayrhofer // November 30, 2016

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After more than 5 years of providing the industry leading PDF framework for companies such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, IBM, and United Airlines, PSPDFKit made their technology available to everyone with their new free app, PDF Viewer, now available for iOS and Android.

PDF Viewer will sustainably raise the bar for everyone as to what a great PDF viewing and editing experience is, which will in turn promote the high quality PSPDFKit SDKs.


PDF Viewer maximizes productivity, allowing users to easily read, review, annotate, and search PDFs on their mobile device.

Annotating a PDF document by highlighting text, adding notes, freehand ink drawings, images and more is simple and easy with PDF Viewer. Searching across a whole document is fast and easy as well. Additionally providing the possibility to share or print those documents.

The included document editor allows users to easily add new pages, duplicate existing ones, rotate them, delete unnecessary ones or even create a new document from a selection of pages out of another document.

With PDF Viewer documents and forms can be signed from anywhere, using a finger or stylus, such as the Apple Pencil. Signatures can be resized and moved as needed on the document. When finished, the document can be prevented from any changes by flattening and saving.


PSPDFKit is, and has been since the day it opened their doors, a 100% bootstrapped company. PSPDFKit has been fortunate enough over the past couple years to be in a position now where they can invest in their own app. While basic PDF functionality inside PDF Viewer will remain free, they plan to launch premium subscription-based features and services next year, such as the ability to create digital signatures, page text editing and collaborative annotating of documents in real-time.


It has been four weeks since PSPDFKit released their App. The positive feedback has been overwhelming and PDF Viewer for iOS has been featured multiple times in the App Store.

On Android, PDF Viewer was selected by Google for their “Early Access” program. With regular updates, PSPDFKit ensures a prompt reaction to user feedback as well as a continuous addition of new functionalities to PDF Viewer.


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