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Standard PDF functions

Use our API to apply all of the standard PDF functions including Digital Signatures, Commenting and Markups. With the standard PDF functions you are able:

  • Rendering into BMP, JPEG and PNG image formats
  • Document Metadata (Author, Title, etc.)
  • Comments / Reviews
  • Watermarks / Stamps
  • Links / Actions
  • Bookmarks
  • Extract, insert and update data from Form fields
  • Printing
  • OCR
  • Access to low-level objects from PDF document
  • Page manipulation

With the ability to sign PDF’s with both eSignatures and Digital Signatures we have your digital transactions covered. We are also hard at work building out the finishing touches on PAdES and LTV support making truly secure files.

  • Digital Signature Support
  • eSignature Support
  • Time Stamp Support
  • PAdES Support (coming soon)
  • Long Term Validation (coming soon)

Logical extraction & conversion

The PDFix API is the leader in making PDF responsive on all devices including hyper-accurate content extraction

  • Document Layout and Structure Recognition
  • Intelligent Data Extraction
  • Text paragraphs Detection
  • Images, Graphics Extraction
  • Annotation Extraction
  • Reading Order Detection
  • White space Detection
  • Table Detection (including cells & rows)
  • Lists Detection
  • Header/Footer Detection
  • Table of Contents Detection
  • Regular Expression, Pattern Matching
  • AcroForm Reading Order Detection
  • Chart Detection (Coming Soon)

Structured Data Benefits and Use Cases

  • Search Text
  • Export Images
  • Export Tables
  • Convert PDF to HTML
  • Convert PDF to other formats JSON, Word, Excel, CSV, XML
  • Tag PDF
  • Make PDF Accessible – PDF/UA
  • Remediation
  • Indexing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining
  • Content Reusability
  • Data Analysis

PDF to HTML Conversion

Entirely new way of converting PDF files to HTML! We can generate a truly responsive HTML5 page with reflowing content, that gives you an advantage in the current Mobile World!

Original Fixed layout

  • Keeps content layout
  • Preserves original formatting
  • PDF file is converted just as is and graphics remain unchanged after conversion
  • Pixel perfect page rendering
  • Transparent text aligned with PDF text position
  • Supports dynamic zoom

Responsive / Reflowable layout

  • True responsive html page
  • Reflows PDF content
  • Reflows PDF text and tables
  • Fits different page or screen widths
  • Displays well on handheld devices
  • Extracts text, text alignment and font information
  • Extracts images and other logical PDF drawings
  • Detects PDF table structures and converts them to HTML tables automatically
  • Supports elements hierarchy

PDF to HTML conversion supports

  • HTML tags, HTML5, CSS3
  • HTML Forms
  • Document JavaScript
  • Text in unicode, text alignment and font information
  • PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate system fonts with style, size and kerning to make accurate fit
  • PDF tables with and without PDF table structures detection and conversion to HTML tables
  • Images and logical Graphics elements extraction
  • Text annotations
  • Text Markup annotation
  • Link annotation support

AcroForms support

  • Document JavaScript support
  • Forms support
  • Forms support with JavaScript
  • Form data submission (email or http)
  • Form data flattening
  • FDF support
  • Form fields detection (comming soon)

Manipulate Forms in HTML

Use our API for Form filling, flattening, saving and submitting forms all in HTML. Automated PDF Form Filling in Web Browser.

PDFix PDF Forms to HTML Forms conversion brings unique experience of form filling directly in the browser with full support of AcroForm technology including JavaScript support. This allows new level of PDF Form processing and workflows without need of having PDF Readers installed on computer or even on a mobile device.

Add Tags to PDF

  • Simple extraction of text and graphics for pasting into other applications
  • Automatic reflow of text and associated graphics to fit a page of a different size than was assumed for the original layout
  • Processing text for such purposes as searching, indexing, and spell-checking
  • Conversion to other common file formats (such as HTML, XML, and RTF) with document structure and basic styling information preserved
  • Making content accessible to people who rely on assistive technology

Universal Accessibility – PDF/UA Compiliance

Our PDF/UA generator generates directly PDF/UA files that pass accessibility checkers and are ready to be published on WCAG 2.0 compatible websites.

  • Image-only PDF
  • Primary Language
  • Document Title
  • Character Encoding
  • Tagged Content
  • Logical Reading Order
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Alternate Texts
  • Annotations
  • Forms
  • Bookmarks (coming soon)
  • Tables Headers (coming soon)

PDF Data Scraping

With the PDFix SDK the web crawler can be programmed to access the PDF files and:

  • Search Text inside PDFs – you can find and extract specific information
  • Detect and Export Tables
  • Extract Annotations
  • Detect and Extract Related Images
  • Use Regular Expression, Pattern Matching
  • Detect and Scrape information from Charts

Multiple platforms & code stacks

The PDFix API is available on Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android & Linux platforms in C++, Java, C#, .NET and objective C, so take your pick!

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