Replacement scanning in compliance with TR RESISCAN

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Many businesses are facing a particular problem: how can they preserve legal certainty during the digitalization of paper documents?

German law stipulates that the integrity and authenticity of a document must be guaranteed. This means that, in court, a scanned document is of lower evidentiary value than a signed original. Unless, that is, the status of the digital copy was raised to that of an original by some sort of technical or organizational measure before being archived.

TR RESISCAN – a guideline from the BSI

For the above reasons, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) created a Technical Guideline for Replacement Scanning, which serves as a guide for users in business, administration, the justice system and the health service.

According to TR RESISCAN, the key to electronic documents with evidentiary value lies in qualified/advanced electronic signatures and timestamps.

OpenLimit’s signature software can be quickly and easily integrated into your scanning process via standard interfaces. Sign your documents by entering a PIN just once and you can meet the required technical security measures.

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