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pdfDocs delivers more than PDF. pdfDocs is an integrated solution that gives everyone in the organization the ability to create and manage PDF documents.

Create industry-standard PDFs

Create PDF documents from any application using a variety of methods.

Combine documents

Combine reports, emails, spreadsheets and web pages into a single PDF document that can be edited, redacted, secured and emailed directly from the Organizer workspace.

Produce professional documents

Include watermarks, stationery sets as well as headers and footers to enhance the look and feel of your document. Rotate, insert or delete pages or documents within the set.

File splitting

Automatic file splitting ensures that your PDF complies with court or email requirements on size. Take the guesswork out of file splitting.

Apply headers and footers

Create, edit and save Numbering sets for specific projects. Stamp page numbers, time and date, Doc ID, Version or Author information from your DMS onto the PDF document.

Protect documents to reduce risk

Distribute clean documents beyond the firewall by redacting sensitive information, removing document metadata and preventing editing or copying of content.

Create forms to collect information

Insert form fields onto a document to collect business-critical information quickly and easily. Make illegible handwriting and data entry mistakes a thing of the past.

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