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Rapid integration and RESTful server for 3D PDF production.

New pdf3d.io SDK software suite helps developers fast-track 3D PDF engineering applications and on-demand reporting. Visual Technology Services, known for PDF3D software, announces the pdf3d.io lightweight automation toolkit, a new SDK for batch conversion and server-side integration. The new pdf3d.io low-code toolkit brings 3D PDF processing to command-line scripting, web app and .NET component services. The design of pdf3d.io is optimal for manufacturing workflows, data collection reporting, as well as small-scale local or equipment-coupled report generation. The extensive 3D PDF features are focused on applications in BIM, survey, earth-sciences, engineering and manufacturing reporting and collaboration. pdf3d.io enables a full range of developer personas from lone-coders through to professional enterprise teams developing applications that range from stand-alone to fully integrated.

* Press Release: https://www.pdf3d.com/pdf3d-io-introduces-rapid-integration-and-restful-server-for-3d-pdf-production/

* Video Overview:  https://youtu.be/pbKNOGmxldU

“This new addition of pdf3d.io is significant because it benefits under-served development environments for 3D,” says Randall S. Newton, principal analyst for Consilia Vektor and Contributing Editor at Digital Engineering Magazine and AEC Magazine UK. “3D PDF internals are complex; not every vendor in the PDF toolkit business takes the extra effort to offer development tools, especially not for the wide variety of 3D vector formats used by industry. With web stacks disrupting app design, it’s a good sign for the 3D PDF industry to see the arrival of this new approach.”

Integrating 3D PDF generation into existing software with pdf3d.io is often much faster than traditional compiled program development with three-way access:  command-line for simple no-code style operations, .NET component for tight integration using in-memory XML, and a self-hosted web service with a JSON/XML controlled RESTful API. These options enable operations to be integrated as an unattended batch script converting a number of 3D files into PDF using a standard design template, or used for on-demand PDF generation as a service behind a website, or with libraries embedded within an existing application where it can be invoked to produce secure 3D PDF reports avoiding remote services.

“pdf3d.io is a tool we’ve had in development for a while sitting in between our end-user tool, ReportGen, and our big SDK developer toolkit.  It contains the best elements of both products and offers real flexibility for the developer with low-code requirements,” explained Ian Curington, CEO at PDF3D.  “We designed IO to be used by programmers in a hurry with skills in scripting, web mash-ups and XML wrangling as an easier starting point.”

pdf3d.io is a suite of programs, DLLs, REST server and out-of-the-box examples that facilitates conversion of 3D models into 3D PDF documents. Optimized for production file conversion, pdf3d.io is controlled by an extensive XML-based API. Apart from supporting a large number of 3D file formats (including STEP, DWG, STL, X3D, FBX, IFC) it provides a vast number of customizable parameters and configurations including changing scene lighting conditions, animation, metadata, mesh quality, JavaScripting, 3D annotations, hyperlinks, password security, watermarks and strong 256-bit encryption. By including glTF, pdf3d.io enables both WebGL 3D content capture to PDF or export from PDF.

pdf3d.io can easily be deployed through automation scripting or to an online Web App environment, accessed directly from a web browser session. pdf3d.io is “self-hosted”, meaning it installs and runs locally on client systems without vendor hosting. The conversion engine can be bundled directly into local client applications for resale if required. The pdf3d.io API may be accessed through C++, C# .NET, Visual Basic, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and other languages, on Windows, Linux and macOS.


More information: https://www.pdf3d.com/products/pdf3d-io/

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