PDF to PowerPoint: Investintech’s New Online Productivity Freebie

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As digitally literate people, we are very much familiar with the struggles of creating powerful presentations. At some point, almost everyone has had a need to present something to a group of people, be it defending a master’s thesis or giving a keynote at a huge public speaking venue. Regardless of the actual topic, everyone faces the same problem, because, when the limelight is on, there is only one thing that we need to focus on – and that’s making our presentation as fluent as possible.

They say that preparation is the most important thing one needs to master before embarking on a public speaking journey. The preparation that goes into almost any presentation usually involves researching the topic and creating beautifully designed slides, both of which will take quite a bit of time. And very often, that’s time we don’t have.

Here at Investintech, we recognized the struggles of creating presentations in a time constrained world and, therefore, wanted to use our proprietary PDF to PowerPoint technology to help people make the best of their existing resources. By doing so, we created a free PDF to PowerPoint converter, which will help you reuse your PDFs by converting them to a fully editable .pptx file format.

This tool enables you to:

  • Instantly convert entire PDFs to PPT, instead of retyping them into individual slides
  • Spend less time on your presentation material and more time preparing the actual talk
  • Convert both scanned and native PDFs to PowerPoint

The tool itself is simple to use and involves following a two-step procedure described on the left side of the page. Once the file gets converted, users have 24 hours to download the document. After that, it is deleted from our servers due to our strict document privacy policy, which firmly protects all of our users’ interests.

It also must be noted that we removed all constraints and made this tool 100% free. Users can convert as many PDFs as they want, without any limitations to the file size or watermarks. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Make sure to visit and bookmark our PDF to PowerPoint converter – https://www.investintech.com/pdftopowerpoint

And remember to have fun preparing your presentation!

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