iPaper PDF Stationary

Produced by XKEY GmbH

Design your stationery / templates completely free after your CI with your logo, colours, gradients, fonts, and create it into a PDF, then that layout will be used as a template for your listings or offers in Excel or Word. Use different letterheads to by the push of a button and without worry, if there is the right paper in the printer.

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  • Dynamic integration of predefined backgrounds
  • Automatic email sending through Exchange, Lotus Notes or SMTP
  • Expandable functionality via add-on’s
  • Multiple Printer Control
  • Multiple processing options even after the PDF generation
  • Freely definable boundary limits for small-format documents
  • Control via XML commands in both the document as well as in external files
  • Preview of the final result
  • Multiple template use for multi-page documents
  • Selectable Stationery configurations such as black & white, only logo, Colour
  • Overlay / Underlay stationery, first / subsequent page automatically

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