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Using the world’s leading document comparison technology, compareDocs will compare any two documents irrespective of document type.

See the difference with compareDocs

See how easy it is to compare documents for differences with compareDocs.

Document comparison without equal

Compare Word documents or PDF documents with compareDocs. You can even:

  • Compare Word-to-PDF
  • Compare Excel-to-Excel
  • Compare PowerPoint-to-PowerPoint
  • Compare scanned images

Superior document comparison

The compareDocs document comparison engine gives you total control over the document review process:

  • Drag and drop documents from anywhere onto the compareDocs interface
  • Choose from a variety of rendering sets for document comparison
  • Set document comparison engine for course or detailed analysis of document

Document comparison for DMS

compareDocs integrates with iManage Work, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS as well as Worldox.

Document comparison reporting

Choose from a variety of comparison outputs and reports to see document changes.

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