pdfaPilot 5.1 adds new functionalities

// July 8, 2014

Member News


  • New Fixups
    • Remap characters from Unicode Private Use Area: Map Unicode from PUA to another valid Unicode
    • Remove all tagging information: Removes all tagging structure
  • Enhanced Fixups
    • Font to outline: “Apply to” added to control, which fonts are outlined
  • Desktop
    • Visualizer: Added option to set simulation profile and improved handling if an OutputIntent exists
    • Profile editor: Several predefined filters in search field for Checks and Fixups
  • CLI
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame
    • Server, Dispatcher or Satellite can be used as service on Windows
  • Distributed processing
    • Optional failover for Dispatcher in Client-mode
    • Possibility for typification for Satellites
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame for distributed processes
    • Local processing (as a fall-back) can be disabled
    • Optimization for connecting process between Dispatcher and Satellite
    For a complete list of all new features, changes and bug fixes, please check out the callas software website:http://www.callassoftware.com/callas/doku.php/en:products:pdfapilotserver:historyFree trial version can be downloaded from here.

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