PDF OPTIMIZER: Simplifying PDF File Size Reduction

Emma Kaschke // December 5, 2018

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If you look up the word optimize, you will find phrases like “make as functional as possible” or "improve efficiency of processing". If those are goals for your PDF processing, then Datalogics PDF OPTIMIZER is the optimization tool for you. We’re excited to be offering PDF OPTIMIZER for instant evaluation and subscription in our online store. Not familiar with PDF OPTIMIZER? Let’s take a quick look.


PDF OPTIMIZER is a scriptable server tool that simplifies PDF file size reduction to facilitate more efficient file sharing and faster downloads. PDF OPTIMIZER provides complete control over the optimization process, using the same technology that Adobe uses to build Adobe Acrobat. Customers typically use this tool to modify their PDF documents with the goal of making them smaller, or conform to a requirement for better printing or viewing. Most importantly, PDF OPTIMIZER ensures that PDFs meet specific requirements needed for printing, display, or archival. PDF OPTIMIZER modifies PDF documents according to parameters set in a profile (JSON file). During installation, two profiles (standard and mobile) are created. Additionally, users can create their own profiles. For example, a user may wish to set the image down sample and compression values to improve performance when downloading and viewing documents. The profile controls optimizations made to the PDF document in the following areas:

  • Compression methods
  • Image management
  • Font management
  • Object removal (thumbnails, tags, bookmarks, etc.)
  • User data removal (comments, form data, metadata, etc.)
  • Color management
  • PDF/A-1b conversion


You are dealing with PDF content that you didn’t create: Consider optimization to ensure consistency in the PDF content you're working with. Optimization will help ensure fewer problems in documents workflows.

You have PDF content that needs to be repurposed for archival, printing or viewing: PDF OPTIMIZER supports optimizing documents to conform to PDF/A-1b. Using PDF OPTIMIZER also allows you to take advantage of the Adobe Color Engine for image and color management optimizations to ensure consistent printing or rendering results.

You need to create smaller files: Smaller PDF files created using PDF OPTIMIZER will ensure more efficient file sharing and faster downloads.

You want consistent results: PDF OPTIMIZER is built with Adobe PDF Library - the same core technology used by Adobe and trusted for more than 20 years. This ensures consistent results that match Adobe Acrobat behavior.

You want to correct errors found with PDF CHECKERPDF OPTIMIZER can easily resolve many of the errors detected by PDF CHECKER.

Additional Information:

For additional information on PDF OPTIMIZER, we encourage you to visit our product page. Here, you will find more specifications about the product, a detailed white paper, and other helpful resources.

How Can I Get a Copy of PDF OPTIMIZER?

PDF OPTIMIZER is available for a free 14-day evaluation, and can be purchased as an annual subscription through our online store.

*Also, be sure to download our free PDF CHECKER tool used to analyze and detect errors in PDF documents.


Emma Kaschke

As the Marketing Coordinator for Datalogics, Emma Kaschke is responsible for internal and external communication for the company through email, press, web, advertising, and social media. Specializing in branding, design, and content creation, Emma is passionate about developing Datalogics presence both on and offline, increasing brand recognition, and growing awareness.


Emma Kaschke

As the Marketing Coordinator for Datalogics, Emma Kaschke is responsible for internal and external communication for the company through email, …

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