New features in pdfToolbox 7.4

// June 30, 2014

Member News

The new version of callas pdfToolbox that was released on June 25 2014 includes the following features:

  • Fixups
    • Remap characters from Unicode Private Use Area: Map Unicode from PUA to another valid Unicode [FP21906]
    • Remove all tagging information: Removes all tagging structure [CA1022859]
  • Checks
    • Number of effectively non-empty plates: Checks for number of plates based on an offscreen rendered PDF per page [FP24249]
  • Enhanced Fixups
    • Font to outline: “Apply to” added to control, which fonts are outlined [FP24277; FP24750]
  • Enhanced Checks
    • Effective ink coverage: Optional possibility added to render whole page to determine the complete amount of ink coverage [FP25022]
  • Desktop
    • Visualizer: Added option to set simulation profile and improved handling if an OutputIntent exists [FP24842]
    • Profile editor: Several predefined filters in search field for checks and fixups
  • CLI
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame
    • Server, Dispatcher or Satellite can be used as service on Windows [CA1018775; CA1019172]
    • New function –splitmergepdf to create a result PDF from split pages in one run [FP23621]
    • New function –listfonts to list all available fonts for “Set TextFont” in Imposition
  • Distributed processing
    • Optional failover for Dispatcher in Client-mode
    • Possibility for typification for Satellites
    • Timeout parameter to abort processing after a defined time frame for distributed processes [FP24945]
    • Local processing (as a fall-back) can be disabled
    • Optimization for connecting process between Dispatcher and Satellite

For a complete list of all features, bug fixes and changes, go to

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