Webinar: Archiving and Paperless Office – Best Practices

“Digitalization: Start with your documents!” was the nice-sounding heading of an article in a magazine.

Everybody is talking about digitalization and the paperless office, but where and how to start? Innovative and modern applications do not work basing on TIFF-archives from the 20th century.

 width=The foundation of the digital transformation constitutes of an archive or ECM-system based-on technically high-quality documents using PDF/A. The webinar begins with a short introduction of the topic and describes use cases including the advantages of PDF/A and the best practices from over ten years of experience.

Still, there are many “paper mountains” to be found. Thus, the webinar focuses on the classical scope of application: Digitalization of business files and emails. In terms of digital documents the conversion from emails to PDF/A includes all the relevant aspects needed for creating born-digital documents. Those scopes of application will be demonstrated with hands-on examples and short live demos.

In the end of the webinar those topics will be put in the overall context of archives and ECM-systems. Furthermore, it will be outlined how these tasks can be accomplished by using the server-based Foxit solutions PDF Compressor and Rendition Server.

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From: July 26, 2018


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