PDF Camp is a technical and hands-on event where we will work in groups to find answers to your PDF questions. You will need to bring your own laptop to work on as we would like you to bring up your production problems and project challenges. When registering for this event, please add your preferred subjects/input. Based on your requests, we will address different topics in 3 to 4 hands-on groups.

You can bring your problem files, or your requirements for your next project, and a group will work on addressing these issues. Usually we will work on a topic for a few hours, so that you have enough time to participate in three or four groups over the course of the two days.

The event fee includes:

  • Practical work on solutions to your PDF requirements and questions
  • Using the Adobe PDF Library, and any callas or Four Pees product
  • Direct contact with Datalogics, callas, and Four Pees software developers, product management, general management
  • Lunch and Happy Hour on June 20
  • Breakfast and lunch on June 21

More Information:


From: June 20, 2017
To: June 21, 2017

Hyatt Regency O'Hare
93 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, IL 618
United States

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