Next-generation PDF Hackathon

The day after the PDF Days in Berlin, on May 17 2017, the PDF Association will host a hackathon around next-generation PDF technology.

In our changing world, print and web flow together in all kinds of interesting ways. A format capable of catering to both print and web worlds, with the strengths of both worlds, would be very exciting!

As attendees at PDF Days Europe 2017 will discover, the PDF Association is working on exactly such a technology. This technology marries the reliability and robustness of PDF with the fluidity and elegance of HTML to provide authors with a way to deliver content that not only works “from watch to wall” but delivers the best possible user experience for every device and use case.

How might you take advantage of the possibilities offered by such technology? What could it mean for your existing workflows? How will it fit together with existing technology? What could a future ecosystem look like? Now is the time to start thinking of what the implications of such a new format would be for you, your workflows and your customers.

This hackathon is a research-oriented, hands-on event, so you should be technically-savvy. Bring your own computer and be ready to dive into the concepts discussed in the PDF Days sessions! Expect lots of interaction, early access to development tools, an opportunity to mingle with the people pioneering this technology, and a chance to impact where it goes from here.

Hotel Steglitz
Albrechtstraße 2 (near Schloßstraße)
12165 Berlin

Dates: It starts on Wednesday May 17 at 9 AM and it ends at 5 PM.

Price: A ticket for the next-generation PDF Hackathon costs € 99 (excl. VAT).

The conference fee includes:

  • Practical work on next-generation PDF
  • Access to pre-release tools
  • Discussion with subject-matter experts
  • Lunch

Sounds exciting? It should!



From: May 17, 2017
To: May 17, 2017

Hotel Steglitz
Albrechtstraße 2 (near Schloßstraße)
12165 Berlin


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