ISO Committees (TC 171 SC 2)

In April, 2018 the ISO committees for PDF, PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/E and XFDF will gather in Hangzhou, China for another full week of meetings.

The following committees will meet:

ISO 32000 / PDF (WG 8)

Work: Continued development of feature-requests, establish timeline for an updated publication.

ISO 14289 / PDF/UA (WG 9)

Work: Continued development of the specification, addressing in particular those areas in which subject-matter expertise was requested.

ISO 19005 / PDF/A (WG 5)

Work: Continue development of PDF/A-4. Possibly, send the draft to FDIS.

ISO 24517 / PDF/E (WG 7)

Work: Depends on the outcome of the San Jose meetings.

Attending the meetings

The meetings will be held in Hangzhou, China. Teleconference access will also be provided.

PDF Association logoPDF Association members who wish to attend should contact the Executive Director (Duff Johnson) directly for accreditation via the PDF Association’s liaison with ISO TC 171 SC 2.

For those who participate via their respective country’s TC 171 member body organization, you need to be accredited and entered into ISO’s Global Database prior to attending. Contact¬†Betsy Fanning¬†at the 3D PDF Consortium (secretariat for ISO TC 171 SC 2) for more information.


From: April 23, 2018
To: April 27, 2018

ISO meeting


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